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Independent consultancy providing IT expertise.  Attacking the challenges and opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution

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What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, robotics, automation, Virtual Reality and more!  These technology advances represent great opportunities to revolutionise the way we live.  They also present many challenges with massive amounts of data being generated and shared but also providing an expanding attack surface for those with evil on their minds

Digital Transformation

The transformation moves IT from serving the business to being the business.  Uber, Amazon, Air BnB are examples where the business is completely dependent on IT to deliver services.  They have revolutionised their markets and have become defacto providers.  Businesses need to examine how IT can deliver business rather than simply serve it.

Strategic Consulting

These transitions need to be smooth, a segue if you will.  Our consultancy will work with the business to plan and design solutions that provide a sound platform to deliver digital services that will enhance the operations of a business or organisation.  For more information call on 0407 551 230 or email to


Solution Design and Architecture

Applications are what the users interact with, to keep them up and running they need a reliable platform to deliver them.  They need an Enterprise Architecture that can grow and adapt as business changes.   Our services will work with the business or organisation, design the right size solution and meet their desired outcomes.

Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructure

Private, Public, Hybrid which cloud is right?  The design will determine the answer.  Then for delivery we work with a range of hardware, software and cloud vendors to put it all together and deliver.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity and disaster recovery are related but not the same.  Our team has the expertise to analyse the business, and also the IT, to provide both.  We will work with the business to determine how normal  operations will continue in the event of a disaster or major disruption.  This looks at all facets of the business.  Disaster Recovery Planning will then kick in to ensure IT systems are recoverable and operational as quickly as the business requires.

End User Computing and Mobility

Desktop, Notebook, Tablet, Phone, Kiosk....the range of devices delivering applications continues to grow.  Then add IoT Devices.  Is VDI the right way to go or cloud apps.  Our consultancy can advise on the appropriate delivery of apps and devices for end users. 

Cyber Security

Keeping business information safe is not just critical to business, it is also part of the law. Mandatory Data Breach Notification Hardware and software solutions abound for protection and we work with key providers to help establish security in the datacentre, the cloud and at the end user.  Those users are the first line of defence.  Along with products we offer services to measure how effective your security posture is and training for the end user in preventing potential breaches.

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