Segue into Cyber Security

Who's at Risk

More to the point who isn't.  From the ACSC Threat Report 2017 they list

  • Businesses
  • Government
  • ICT Providers
  • Home Users

All as targets including what makes all of them a target.

What can you do?

Protection from cybercrime is more than checking the boxes for compliance.  The baddies only need you to make one mistake so a coordinated protection environment from the datacentre to the end user is important.  Firewalls, anti-virus, threat monitoring and other products are vital enforce policies and protect the environment - ensuring they are all coordinated and enforcing consistent policy as important.  At the start of the chain though is the end user and how they react to the threats that appear on their devices should be the first line of defence.

What can we do?

We offer a range of solutions and services to determine your current security status and then products and services to close any vulnerabilities found.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment - we record and measure all traffic through the network to identify any threats, viruses, malware etc.  Some of that might already be in the door.
  • User Assessment Campaign - find out how well prepared your team is to identify vulnerabilities and threats as they are presented.
  • User Training - delivered in either a classroom or boardroom environment that training is tailored to educate your team on the risks caused by malware, phising and other threats.
  • Security Consultancy - design and implementation of security solutions along with advice and documentation of usage policies. 

Why do you care?

The threat is real and the baddies are getting better.  For more information on the state of cyber security and government assessment of the cybercrime threat download the ACSC 2017 Threat Report.

Along with this the Mandatory Data Breach Notification will be in force from February 22, 2018.  Where protection of any personally identifiable information is paramount.

What now?

Do some self assessment and get some free advice by going to the Stay Smart Online website.

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